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“Futsal is the FIFA-recognised form of small-sided indoor football (the word is a contraction of the Spanish ‘fútbol sala’). It is played between two teams who each have five players on the pitch at any one time, with rolling substitutes and a smaller ball than soccer that is harder and less bouncy. The small amount of space means players must have great technique and skill, and as well as a professional sport in its own right with national and international championships, it is also considered a development tool for 11-a-side football.”

Please note: NO children under the age of 13 is allowed access in the gymnasium at any time for any reason during this time slot. Failure to do so will result in loss of program. Thank you for your cooperation.

Online Waiver: Please complete the required online waiver, haawa – thank you!

DATE(S): September 28 – December 14, 2023

DAY(S): Thursdays*

*Not open on stat holidays. Dates may vary due to school programming or closures.

TIME(S): 8PM to 10PM

LOCATION: Gidalang Ḵuuyas Naay Secondary School


AGE(S): 16 and up

Please wear indoor shoes and do not eat food/drink in the gym (water only). No smoking/vaping/alcohol on school property. Please be kind to the equipment as it’s shared with school, students, and HG Rec programs. If any issues arise, contact us directly at info@hgrec.com or contact SD#50.