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Attention Masset and Queen Charlotte! HGR is looking to bring 2 new programs during the month of June 2019, both a youth and adult program and HGR would like to know if this is something you would like participate in? Marie-Claire O’Donoghue, B.A. Owner and Facilitator of MOVEmeant will be looking at executing 2 programs, both North and South while she is visiting the islands of Haida Gwaii. For more information on Marie-Claire and MOVEmeant please go to http://www.meanttomove.org/ or check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

If you would be interested in either one of these programs or both please fill out the RSVP below. Once HGR has collected all of the necessary data we will follow up to let you know of the status of the program(s) and all of the particulars.


Time for a dance party! And what’s more fun than dancing to some groovy tunes with your friends??
Rather than teaching specific dance moves, we encourage participants to find their own moves, that feel good in each person’s body. With a focus on increasing body awareness through movement and tactile engagement, this program will teach much more than just dance. Through play, movement exploration, and creativity, we will explore valuable skills such as emotional regulation, healthy social connections, and self-understanding. The body plays a key role in our overall wellness, and by teaching children to listen to their bodies and find healthy ways of coping with the world, we will teach skills that transfer into every day life. Each day we will close with a simple mindfulness practice, cultivating the ability to be present with ourselves and our emotions.
Children should be prepared to move, dance, and play. No previous dance experience necessary. Come as you are!

DATE(S): June 2019 (4 weeks, 8 classes)



LOCATION: Masset and Queen Charlotte

AGE(S): 4 – 13

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on interest, programs will be broken down into different age groups offering multiple programs.



Time to take a break from the demands of daily life and sink into your body.
Most of us know the importance of physical health in balancing the constant demands of our day to day life. But it is also important to consider the effects of physical health on our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. By taking the time to tune in and listen deeply to our bodies, to our deepest needs and desires, we can fine tune our ability to adopt more manageable self-care routines and habits.
Through relaxation, movement exploration, and mindfulness practice, we encourage you to switch your focus from your busy mind and into your body, to discover the intelligence you hold in your body. With a similar intention to a yoga practice, but a totally different approach, try allowing yourself to listen more deeply to your body. You’ll be surprised at what it has to teach you.

DATE(S): June 2019 (4 weeks, 4 classes)



LOCATION:  Masset and Queen Charlotte

AGE(S): 18+




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