In & Out: Introduction to Audio Recording & Podcasting – Masset/Old Massett

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Join instructor Andre for In & Out, a basic introduction to audio recording & podcasting! Over 8 weeks, participants will be instructed to capture, edit, process and archive a wide range of sounds. From instruments and voices in conversation, to nature sounds and field recording outdoors. There are several ways to capture and manipulate sound. Audio production as a discipline has become more accessible for those of us who’ve never stepped foot in a studio! It’s an exciting challenge that will change your senses – how you hear and process the environment around you. Participants will build their technical skills in audio recording and mixing with accessible. You will be instructed in the use of Zoom H4N handy recorder, Zoom Podcast Pack and the simple editing suite Audacity. You’ll also learn the steps to recording and uploading podcasts and content to Twitch.

Tentative Schedule: 

  • Week One: Introduction to Field Recording (first session will be in-person, outdoors with physical distancing + masks)
  • Week Two: Recording Conversation & Voice
  • Week Three: Recording Instruments
  • Week Four: Introduction to Podcasting
  • Week Five: Sampling Production
  • Week Six: Mapping your Podcast
  • Week Seven: Review + Troubleshoot
  • Week Eight: Showcase of Production & In-Progress (last session in-person will be in-person, outdoors with physical distancing + masks)

This program will be delivered primarily over Zoom. However, as public health orders evolve, in-person working group sessions may be an option.

Date(s): March 27 – May 15, 2021 (8 weeks)

Day(s): Saturdays

Time(s): 2pm* (60 minutes).

  • At minimum, each participant should be able to commit 1-hr of class time per week, and up to 3-hrs/week of coursework.

Location: Howard Philips Community Hall

Instructor: Andre Johnstone

Cost: FREE – however, there is only one space available for a north-end participant for this round.

  • This course has 5 spots per session only. Waitlist is available.

Each participant requires the following:

  • Laptop + WiFi*

The following will be loaned to participants and returned to HG Rec upon course completion:

Together, we’ll learn the basics, explore the sounds that make our communities unique, build connections, and work individually and as a team to bring all our ideas together to produce something we’re proud to share!

*Internet connectivity & laptop are required to participate in this program. If you’re challenged with finding a laptop, please e-mail and we may be able to loan one.

Sorry, this is a registered program only for residents. No drop-in’s permitted at this time.

This program was made possible with the support of Gwaii Trust Society. Special thanks to Tony & his the audio specialists at Sight & Sound Terrace for their neighbourly help to find the right gear for this program! 


Andre Johnstone has been a resident of the unceded territory of the Haida for eight years. In this time, Andre has lived among different communities, serving food, comfort and entertainment through events and establishments, like the Crows Nest in Tlell, Yakoun Pub in Port Clements, and various venues in Masset. Andre’s passion for sound has been lifelong, as a lover of varieties of music, as a poet performer, and a burgeoning beat-maker.

This winter, Andre will instruct his first program with Haida Gwaii Recreation. Through an introduction audio recording and archiving, he endeavours to inspire residents of Masset and Old Massett to explore the connections between sound and culture, introducing sampling, and providing participants with the tools to begin podcasting.

The pandemic has driven the need for communities to explore and create new ways to connect, communicate & collaborate. Join Andre in creating a new pathway for us to share knowledge and network between each other. Check out @radioshaqmst on Instagram to see some of his inspiring work!


  • Participants must complete a waiver, Assumption of Risk Form, and Declaration of Compliance form on the first day of class. Failure to do so means participants will not be permitted entry.
  • Participants are expected to distance (minimum 6 ft/3m) prior to class and during if in-person. Participants must wear a non-medical mask indoors until they are situated in their designated workout area, to remove during activity, and to replace if going to the washroom or leaving the program.
  • Each participant is provided their own equipment for the duration of the program.
  • Instructor will have a 2.5m x 2.5m instructor area and will provide verbal directive only.
  • Instructor will manage complete record-keeping and report daily attendance and any incidents to the Recreation Coordinator.
  • Participants must stay home if they show any symptoms (e.g. cough, fever, fatigue).
  • Class may be cancelled by instructors if they show symptoms.
  • In the event of a participant or instructor showing symptoms during the program, the participant will be asked to remove themselves from the program and seek medical advice. Beyond daily screening, is not up to our staff to do temperature checks, testing or contact tracing. This is the role of the health authority.

Staying safe is a shared responsibility. These procedures and our combined efforts help to lower the risk of spreading COVID-19, but there is still a risk.

Please do your best to abide by these new procedures to ensure we can recreate safely and respectfully together on Haida Gwaii.