hlG̱a hlḵ’aats iihlangaa / Agate Man Triathlon

Haida Gwaii Regional Recreation Commission’s hlG̱a hlḵ’aats iihlangaa / Agate Man Triathlon is a predominantly volunteer-led sporting event that began in 1993 in Masset. The course includes a 500m swim in Pure Lake in Naikoon Provincial Park, followed by a 20km cycle into the Village of Masset, and a 6km run to finish that goes through the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary. The event is held mid-August each year and has been well-attended by local residents.


DATE: Saturday, September 16, 2023

CHECK-IN TIME: 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM




  • Adult – Women’s & Men’s Solo
  • Youth Solo (13+)
  • Ben Davidson Family Relay (All ages welcome!)
  • Team Relay (Adult)


  • $40 per person (Adult or Youth) – includes a limited edition t-shirt for each participant + medal +post-race BBQ​ (vegetarian options available)
  • $120 for teams of 3 participants (Family Relay or Team Relay) – includes a limited edition t-shirt for each participant + medal + post-race BBQ (veggie options available)
  • Youth sizes available for shirts!

VOLUNTEER SIGN UP BELOW – join us at the event or help us prepare! Sign up as a volunteer and receive a free t-shirt, lunch & more!

We need:

  • Lifeguards
  • Traffic Control
  • Set-up/Take-down
  • Kids Relay Support
  • BBQ’ers
  • Time-keepers (start & finish)

Translation by Jaasaljuus Yakgujanaas of Xaad Kil Team Lead, winter 2022.

Course Map by Jen Bailey (2021)

Sea Grizzly – Logo designed and donated by Ben Davidson

Ben Davidson Family Relay

Ben was an avid participant and supporter of the Agate Man. He donated the Sea Grizzly design and was often competing with his children. His sudden passing last in summer 2020. The Commission agreed that there was no one more worthy of the 2020 Agate Man title than Ben. We wish to acknowledge all his past efforts to support this event and highlight the impact he still has today.

In 2021, we had five (5) families entering our Team Relay, with children as young as 3 years. Proceeds from these entries will be given to a charitable organization with an emphasis on supporting Youth Mental Health, at the request of Ben’s family. In 2022, we formally introduced the “Ben Davidson Family Relay” category for the event, including prizes, medals and youth shirt sizes to further welcome all ages. HG Rec is committed to enhancing year-round programming opportunities for youth to train in swimming, biking, and running in preparation. Proceeds from the family teams that enter the race will continue to be donated back to the community.

Ben’s legacy in this event will undoubtedly help to inspire new young athletes, bring families together in fun and sport, and go even further to support important youth mental health initiatives. Haawa to Ben’s family and friends for their assistance, guidance, and ongoing support. Haawa to Ben, Agate Man 2020, whose memory continues to inspire and bring us all together.

Results: September 16, 2023


Isaac Mens 1:12:23
Luke B Mens 1:13:11
Aidan Mens 1:14:36
Alex Mens 1:19:58
Tando D Mens 1:22:10
Travis Mens 1:23:05
Michael H Mens 1:24:48
Peter R Mens 1:26:11
Desi C Mens 1:26:24
Cameron Mens 1:26:55
Daniel Mens 1:27:54
Matt M Mens 1:30:23
Joe H Mens 1:31:10
Marlin Mens 1:38:15


Dani D Womens 1:18:29
Jocelyn B Womens 1:20:18
Fiona Womens 1:24:23
Carlita Womens 1:31:17
Klare Womens 1:34:26
Ruth B Womens 2:16:58


Tyler Team 1:21:14
Chris Team 1:22:38
Fleming Team 1:29:04
Ella Fern Emily Team 1:28:37
Ethci Team 1:29:12
BrinPrie Team 1:30:58
Emma Team 1:48:16
Rhonda Team 1:48:47
Malloy Team 1:47:24
Lee-Ann Roger Team 1:54:34
6am Club Team 1:59:17


Kellars Family 1:20:43
Wallaces Family 1:43:38
Carried Away Family 1:47:02
Terry Wallace Family 1:56:54
Masset Paws Family 1:58:09
Jess Family 2:08:02
Lycaena Famiy 2:14:58

**We will add more detail shortly. If you see errors, please email info@hgrec.com. Haawa – thank you for your patience.**

1st, 2nd, & 3rd place Women’s Solo Crew 2023

1st, 2nd & 3rd place Mens Solo Racers!

Family Relay Winners!

Results: September 17, 2022

1 Lindsay Smith 1:17:54
2 Cal Westbrook 1:18:23
3 Travis Carter 1:22:37
4 Daniel Kolpatzik 1:24:48
5 Alexi Verdurmen 1:30:49
6 Joe Hallé 1:34:28
7 Oliver Popley  1:41:26
8 Tando + Myla (*) 1:47:00*
* Dad & Daughter Duo!
1 Christine Cunningham 1:20:45
2 Dani Dickson 1:21:15
3 Jocelyn Black 1:30:45
4 Kerstin Swanson 1:33:06
5 Ella-Kari Muhl 1:42:11
6 Megan Campbell 1:50:42
7 Julien Braun 2:02:45
8 Ruth Bellamy 2:16:17
1 Timmons Wong

Andrew Hudson

Peter Reynolds

2 Cetilynn Epners

Emily Fleming

Russ Fleming

3 Meghan Wallace

Karen Duthie

Jenny Kellar

4 Hunter Smith

Deanne Watts

Rylie Arnell

5 Nathan Clark

Dave Gilbert

Kevin Parsons

6 Christine Pansino

Sheri Disney

Miranda Post

7 Jenna Inglis

Brigitte Larouche

Tomm Larouche

8 Josina Davis

Sian Nalleweg

Leighann Rodger

9 Ainsley Brown

Sarah Anderson

Jacqui Ferraby

1 Jennifer Chow

Douglas Black

Yarrow Crawford

2 Noel Bellis & Co.

(his kiddos!)

3 Terry Wallace

Mallory Wallace

Hazel Wallace


1st Place Men’s Solo: Lindsay Smith

1st Place Women’s Solo: Christine Cunningham

1st Place Team Relay: Timmons Wong, Andrew Hudson, Pete Reynolds

1st Place Ben Davidson Family Relay: Yarrow Crawford, Douglas Black, Jennifer Chow

Results: September 18, 2021

1 Gordon Clark 1:14:07
2 Luke Borserio 1:17:10
3 Peter Fleck 1:19:40
4 Tando Dwyer 1:20:25
5 Ryan Barber 1:22:07
6 Andrew Finnie 1:22:53
7 Dave Gilbert 1:23:58
8 Timmons Wong 1:27:29
9 Terry Wallace 1:30:23
10 Blake Croven 1:30:53
11 Barrett Johnson 1:31:27
12 Michael Hoffman 1:31:51
13 Bryce Klee 1:34:44
14 Michael McConnell 1:36:18
15 Ryan Leask 1:37:54
16 Daniel Kolpatzik 1:38:31
17 Matthew Torre 1:40:06
18 Todd Weisbrot 1:46:15
1 Christine Cunningham 1:21:00
2 Jamie Komadina 1:24:56
3 Sarah Howell 1:25:56
4 Abbey Weisbrot 1:29:48
5 Dani Dickson 1:33:28
6 Jenny Kellar 1:34:11
7 Kelly Miller 1:36:35
8 Jocelyn Black 1:38:27
9 Klare Yakabuski 1:42:02
10 Cheryl Paavola 1:54:00
11 Maryanne Wettlaufer 2:01:21
12 Ruth Bellamy 2:24:48
1 Michael McQuade

Jason Skidmore

Cal Westbrook

2 Layla Reynolds

Peter Reynolds

Laura Holmes-Saltzman

3 Tracy Morton

Lief Morton

Kiki van der Heiden

4 Tanner Espersen

Sarah LeBlanc

Joshua Casorso

5 Anthony Willmot

Meghan Wallace

Andrew Moncrieff


1st Place Men’s Solo: Gordon Clark

1st Place Women’s Solo: Christine Cunningham

1st Place Relay Team: Cal Westbrook, Jason Skidmore, Michael McQuade

Agate Man 2022

Agate Man 2021

Agate Man – Past Years

Hawa’a – Haawa – Thank You to our Sponsors

We couldn’t do it without our local sponsors! The funds and prizes donated from our annual sponsors help to cover basic expenses related to hosting the event. Funds go back to the athletes and our volunteers in the form of subsidies for their Limited Edition t-shirts, post-race BBQ, prizes and medals, and more.

Looking to be a sponsor next year? Send an inquiry to coordinator@hgrec.com