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Haida Gwaii Youth Soccer League provides opportunities for youth aged 5 (5 by Dec 31 2022*) to 18 to develop their soccer skills and promote health and fitness on Haida Gwaii. With support from Haida Gwaii Recreation, parents/guardians can sign up their child/ren online or through their schools for weekly practices and weekend tournaments hosted at the Tlell Soccer Fields.

Cost is $45/individual or $90/family.

Coaches will call players for first practice, at which time schedules will be distributed. Please contact your community rep with any questions or concerns. You can contact HG Rec ( or HGYSA ( with your questions.


*Players must be between ages 5 and 18 by Dec 31, 2022 – HGYSA/HGR retain the right to refuse registration based on inaccurate birthdate provided.

Please join the Haida Gwaii Youth Soccer League Facebook Group for updates, schedules, etc.

When families need a little financial boost to get kids involved in a sport, dance team or other active program, they need to fill out an application. This needs to be done before the fees are due, as the money goes right to the organization. If you have applied to Canadian Tire Jumpstart, please contact HGR at 250-637-1192 or email to proceed with a manual registration as you will not be able to complete one online without payment.

Please review this document and be aware that you must be in agreement with the league rules and conditions of the Player Code of Conduct if you wish to participate in the HGYSA


  1. Players can only play up one Division, not multi-divisions. e.  Division 3 player can play on a Division 2 team if they are short players, but not Division 1, nor Division 4.
  2. Players cannot make lateral moves in their Division when a team is short players, i.e. Division 3 player can not play on the other Division 3 team.
  3. A team is able to add other players to their team only if they have less than one substitute, but the player must come from a lower division as per point 2.
  4. Players are not allowed to change teams during the tournament, nor are they allowed to move up.
  5. No changes to teams will take place after April 1, 2023.
  6. No players are allowed to play in the tournament if they did not play a game during the season.
  7. Parents are not allowed on the same side of the field as players or coaches.
  8. Zero tolerance for disrespectful conduct towards referees and coaches is in place. Community Reps should be informed immediately if such conduct is witnessed.
  9. If a team is short players, both teams will play with less players or the teams may be mixed to ensure equal numbers are represented by both teams.
  10. Teams short players DO NOT forfeit as it wastes the time of the families of the other team. Coaches have the discretion how to organize teams when one team is short.
  11. Tied games during the season will be final. Shoot-outs will be in place for the tournament.
  12. The ball must be touched by two players prior to scoring for all divisions.
  13. When a team is more than six points ahead, the coaches will confer on how to proceed to ensure each player continues to be challenged and no team is humiliated.
  14. Scheduled game times are to be respected and not shortened.
  15. Referees are not required for Division 5 games. Coaches will be responsible to ensure fair play.

*May update following the AGM.



  • Provide 100% effort when at all practices and games.
  • Come to train with the proper rest, focus and be prepared to listen to coaches’ instructions.
  • Wear proper equipment including shin pads, soccer cleats (no runners), soccer socks and wear the official team jersey for games. No jewelry of any kind is to be worn to practice or game sessions.


  • Realize, accept and practice the principle that the Team’s reputation is built not only on ability but also on the sportsmanship, courtesy, and manners of each player.
  • Report all injuries to coaches, special medical conditions (such as asthma) or extenuating circumstances (such as lack of sleep or personal family issues) that may affect the player during training.
  • Players are to refrain from speaking to officials. DO NOT openly question official’s judgment and their calls of play. Players are to refrain from commenting on decisions during the play of the game. Only the team coach may discuss calls with the official during the game but only with respect and in a courteous manner.
  • Any comments regarding officiating by a playerparent will be taken seriously and may require action to be taken by the Coach andor HGYSL Board of Directors.
  • The use of abusive language or profanity, humiliating remarks and/or gestures of ill temper is grounds to be benched for as long as the HGYSL Board feels necessary to curb negative behaviour.




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